Un resumen del viaje

After 8 months of travelling through South America, and with hopefully 8 more months of journey ahead, I’ve decided to write about it. Who knows, maybe someone will find this interesting to read, since I will write about cool places I visited and give all the good tips I can. Motive? I’m playing to be a freelance travel writer and with this earn a little bit of money, so I can keep on travelling 🙂 Road sweet road!

A short summary until now:

Departure date: 28 January 2016
Come back date: No idea
Travel partner: My best friend, Claudia
From: Santiago de Chile
To: Puerto Montt
First destination: Carretera Austral (South of Chile)
Countries visited: 9
Km traveled: update on hold…
Transportations: 3 airplanes, 44 buses (probably more), 7 mini vans, 1 train, 3 ships, 8 boats, 5 speedboats, 3 jeeps and 9 hitchhikes.
Ruta: Chile – Argentina – Bolivia – Perú – Ecuador – Colombia – Panamá – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – …
Losses: my ID, 2 towels, 1 Nikon camara, aprox. 1,000 pictures/videos, 1 iPhone 4, 1 bra
Gains: 4 kilos, detachment from material world, lifetime experiences, independence and freedom, my lovely travel boyfriend and lots of new friends from all around the world 🙂

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